Paul Roberts




I'm a television presenter, actor and voice over talent, and along with Marianne established Upfront Presenters some 25 years ago. I’ve appeared in hundreds of television commercials and corporate videos. Clients include BMW, Sprite, Mars, Toyota, Cadbury, McDonalds, Panadol and many more.

I’m experienced as both advertorial host and presenter across the morning shows for channels 7, 9 and 10.  I’ve narrated programs including the ICC Cricket and ATP tennis series. Since 1995, I’ve written and produced TV series covering myriad subject matter from NASA’s exploration into space (‘Disappearing Frontier’ and ‘Above and Beyond’) through to comedy scripting.  

My skills include accents and character work assisted by an acting background. 
I’m sure my experience, integrity and engagement in front of the camera and microphone can translate for you and your product or business.

Please a take a couple of minutes to view my show reel. 





Paul Roberts has been applying his exceptional 'skill set' to my productions for some 30 years.

Paul is a pleasure to work with, clients like him, the camera loves him and crews want to work with him.
He nails it faster than others, shares his ideas and is happy to deliver endless variations that pleases the fussiest of directors, editors and clients.
Paul Roberts is good fun, refreshingly charming and brings magic to the end result.

Peter Sutherland

Creative Director


From the moment I rang Paul and heard the dulcet tones of his voice, HIS was the right voice to launch

On the day of production, he was open to all suggestions and changes but also worked with the team to produce the ultimate product.

One thing I liked on a personal level was his friendly personality and punctuality, when Paul said, "I can be there in an hour", he was!

I have been in the TV business for over 30 years seen many good and bad operators - he's one of the good guys.

Todd Gutsche

TRP Head of Production

Thoroughbred Racing Productions


When Paul speaks on camera, viewers listen and pay attention. Paul has a settling, comforting and wide appeal to viewers who instantly identify with him on every TV job he’s appeared on.

Clients love his look and his presentations and viewers trust and warm to him.
Couple this with his professional attitude and wealth of experience and that’s why he is a top working presenter within my agency now and has been for decades.

Rozz Switzer


DRTV Talent Pty Ltd


Mobile : 0418 101 111 

Acting Agent: Select Actors Management - 03 9645 4475 

Agent: Viviens Models